Diaspora in Moment, 2019
archival inkjet print
dimensions variable

This image depicts two members of the Levantine diaspora living in the West. The fusion of cultures is evidenced by foods such as a corn dog and za’atar being indulged in together. Is this shameful or a demonstration of the ephemeral, ever-changing nature of culture? As a Palestinian living outside of the homeland, trying to recreate home in the States can seem paradoxical; however, it is not land that creates culture, it is people. Keeping culture unaltered requires more than the support of a stagnant environment and its institutions; it requires an unevolving people––which is an unrealistic expectation: the relationship between the environment and its inhabitants is one of bidirectional influence. By subsisting detached from the Levant, the culture does not only transform as expected, but becomes re-inscribed, incorporating different stimuli available from the melting pot in which the diaspora exists in. As long as the people behind the culture are acknowledged, the persistence of resistance in Levantine, more specifically Palestinian, society is alive.