Manifest Destiny, 2018
series of 3, single-channel video with sound

The Manifest Destiny performance series looks at the two traditional types of colonialism: settler and franchise i.e. classic colonialism.

Ethnic Cleansing, 2018
single-channel video with sound

In the Palestinian resistance against the hegemony of the Israeli occupation, it is important to recognize the form of colonization employed by Israel. As part of the Manifest Destiny trilogy, Ethnic Cleansing, along with the accompanying works, highlights the tropisms involved in stabilizing the creation of a colony. The contrasting techniques of settler colonialism and franchise (classic) colonialism are represented by the relationship between the artist and the mirror: the former being the complete removal (eradication) and the latter being the manipulated minimization of the original populace.

Sucralose, 2018
single-channel video with sound

Sucralose looks at the agricultural methods used to colonize land. Sucralose, the artificial sweetener, is unnatural, humanmade, simply unhealthy, and 1000 times sweeter than sugar. It is poison. Similarly, Israeli settlers with no ties to Palestinian land fabricate an indigenous image that may seem sweet, but is artificial and violent at its core. Through methods such as uprooting olive trees older than them, they demolish the land to instill a metropolitan, Western image deriving from their Eurocentric roots.

Tabula Rasa, 2018
single-channel video with sound

In the trilogy, Tabula Rasa studies the act of replacing the indigenous database of knowledge with a colonizer’s account as a tool of franchise colonialism. However, Palestinians refuse this tactic; the information that Palestinians inherit is their own and is kept alive to preserve the true narrative of the occupation. The indigenous database is evidenced by the flag embellishing the bag. In history, indoctrinating the so-called savage subjects has been enacted through religious, cultural, and other institutional assimilation in an effort to serve the “superior” colonizer lifeline. Tabula Rasa is a performance made to embed the resistance to being a franchise colony and the upholding of Palestinian society.