FADL FAKHOURI—Artist, Director
Artist, Director

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Fadl Fakhouri (b.1997, San Francisco, CA) centers on dots and lines as a method of pursuing definition and positionality. Through the utility of body, images and contextualized objects, they formulate poetic statements of determination. Fadl has exhibited work at SFAI (San Francisco), A.I.R. (New York), Times Square (New York), Jacobs Institute (Berkeley), Worth Ryder (Berkeley), The Cincinnati Art Museum and The Jewish Museum (New York). They hold a BA in Molecular and Cell Biology from the University of California Berkeley and an MFA in Visual Arts from Columbia University.

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I consider my practice and self to be a scatter plot which is heavily informed by my upbringing as a Palestinian in the United States and former career as a molecular biologist. In formulating conceptions of the world as well as biological experiments, I have to be considerate of data, variables, and the desired output. I begin with the recognition of boundaries to maximize research and play within, inducing a tango with the lines; sometimes I even cross the line. However, it is important to take note of whose lines are being crossed as individuals who may be concerned with institutions may unintentionally harm those within rather than critique the institution itself. My practice is initiated via the permeable walls of nation states, identity, and image-text conversions. While interrogating these fixed points, I research the lines leading to such walls to build bridges that inform the perception of encased objects, individuals, and communities. By playing with positionality, I can invert the roles of oppressed and oppressor or point to irony inherent within such attempts to define humans who attain a fluid, undefinable nature. My form of resistance to containers imposed on myself and others is to move and to be moved through poetics authentic to the non-static nature of humans. It can be fun, exhausting and unstable, but it is genuine.